British Columbia is Hiring

According to the latest survey (by The Business Development Bank of Canada) there is a labour shortage phenomenon in the province of British Columbia. 45% of small and medium-size businesses in BC are having difficulties hiring new specialists. Comparing to that number, the national average – throughout all Canada – is just 39%. Now, logic question comes up – why this phenomenon takes place specifically in British Columbia? Is it possible to find a job in Canada if you are a foreign worker and save Canadian market from the labour shortage?

To answer the first question, basing on The Business Development Bank of Canada survey, there are two main factors that impact the employment market in Canada. First – the growing ageing population, and second – the high cost of living in British Columbia, specifically in Vancouver. However, we should note here, that even though the issue seems to be more obvious in BC, it still takes place in every province of Canada.

Surprisingly, one of the strategies to fix the situation in Canadian labour market was offered by the BDC, which is to make Canadian businesses more attractive for immigrants. And we believe that this option makes sense, since foreign workers can actually impact the Canadian economy in a good way. We also realize that it might be quite challenging to find a job in Canada if you are still overseas. However, we are ready to help on that issue, and we do believe that nothing can stop those who are truly loyal to their goals and ready to follow their dreams regardless the challenges.

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