Qualities Canadian employers are really looking for in foreign workers

One might think that in order to get a job in Canada they need to possess a specific skill set to fit in a certain category or have hundreds of years of professional experience while being 25 years old. In fact, in order to impress an employer and get a job offer, certain personality features might come way before professional experience.


Being able to adapt to changes is extremely important in this era of technology and information, especially for such a rapidly developing country as Canada. There are so many things in Canada that require high adaptability and versatility (starting with the weather and ending with governmental policies and regulations) that conservativism is considered a thing of the past overall and not just in the Canadian job market.


Stress affects any big player’s life; so if you want to join a leading business, you certainly need to be prepared for it and be able to manage it well. No Canadian employer wants to think your emotions have an impact on your judgment. If you haven’t already, develop a set of tools or principles that help you manage stress effectively. That will be very helpful from the point of your job interview to the actual work in Canada.

Being a good team player

If you get a job in Canada, most likely your #1 task will be getting along with your colleagues. Of course, your potential employer wants to know that you can work independently, but what’s more important for them is to know that their team can rely on you. Being a good communicator, taking initiative, delegating your tasks and, of course, being helpful go a long way.


A sense of knowing everything is probably a great feeling; however, in this ever-changing world, knowing everything is not realistic. What is realistic and will take your career and work in Canada to the next level is a desire to take on a new challenge. Be eager to learn new things and new skills, and you will not pass unnoticed. Canadian employment is all about ambitious goals and tough challenges.

Ability to prioritize

Prioritizing well has replaced being organized in the list of qualities in demand. This comes together with flexibility: it is a good idea to plan and act in accordance with a plan, but what will really make your resume shine is a capability to constantly re-evaluate your priorities and re-plan to be in line with the industry trends.

So, if your initial goal is to find a job in Canada and be successful in your professional path, there are some qualities that you can work on before you apply for a job in Canada, before you get a job offer, before you start your work in Canada.

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