To be employed in Canada, you need a job offer.

What is a Job Offer?

A Job Offer itself is just a part of the procedure called LMIA Approval.
Once the LMIA is approved, a foreign worker can apply for a Work Permit, or/and improve his/her Express Entry profile with additional points.

This is how it works:


Employer is to register with JobBank

Every company in Canada willing to hire a Foreign Worker needs first to register with JobBank

USEFUL TIP: You will be unable to arrange a “Job Offer” from just any company in Canada unless this Company went through the rigorous registration process and pre-qualified to hire a foreign worker. So, be aware of any “Shady Construction, Ltd” or “Uncle Bob” offering you a Job Offer and asking for money in return but not providing any traceable confirmation from Service Canada registration.


Foreign worker is to register with JobBank

As a foreign worker willing to apply for a job in Canada, you must register in JobBank system yourself to be eligible as a Candidate. The system will process your request against thousands of others. That means you have to be very specific in defining your NOC and providing sufficient background data.

USEFUL TIP: The JobBank's matching system is a constant failure, so don’t be confused about multiple completely unrelated job-matching propositions coming to your email – the system works with zero precision. Be patient to sort through hundreds of useless matches.


It’s a MATCH!

Once the proper matching opportunity is presented to you, you can start contacting the Employer, or they will contact you first. You need to establish your eligibility to be hired, and your status of a foreign worker must be provided as you may risk misunderstanding or misrepresentation and fail the recruitment process altogether.

USEFUL TIP: To assume that the Employer will hire you right on the spot is a mistake. Be aware of the requirements for the Employer to attempt to recruit any Canadian candidate, before they turn to the foreigners, doesn’t matter how good you are.


Paying the FEES

If the Employer is excited about you and willing to consider you for the job, the next important question is FEES! Who will cover the legal fees and other associated costs of hiring? Most of the time the foreign worker is under an obligation to cover the cost since the Employer cannot pay for multiple candidates to find out if they even qualified to pass the Immigration system.

USEFUL TIP: Be realistic in the expectations of your financial responsibility, as you are the one who is a questionable foreign worker and whose background needs to be assessed by the Canadian Immigration authorities. Don’t expect (unless you offered) the legal fees and recruitment cost to be covered for you by anybody else. If you cannot afford it, the other candidate will be happy to take your spot!


Getting a JOB OFFER

Imagine the excitement of a valid Job Offer (Positive LMIA) issued to the Canadian Employer with your name on it. Now you can either apply for a Work Permit or update your Express Entry profile to proceed to PR with an extra 50 or 200 points. Depends on a type of LMIA you got.

USEFUL TIP: Be aware of your points before you even start your search for LMIA as many people will not have enough points even if they add LMIA value to it.


Receiving the Invitation To Apply

Upon receiving your ITA from the Express Entry system, you will be required to submit all the background data and prove that your LMIA actually fit your profile, otherwise it can be dismissed.

USEFUL TIP: Be aware of those “offers” from “Shady Construction, Ltd” or “Uncle Bob” that promise you the LMIA just because you need it, not because you fit it.

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