Great Resume as a First Step to Your Successful Employment in Canada

This one document is called Resume (also known as “CV” or Curriculum Vitae in the Old World) will be the foundation of your job search and your first point of contact with professional recruiters and your future Employers in Canada. So, it’s important that you get it right and make a good impression!

After all, a job interview is all about the first impression, and in order to secure your job interview, you need a good-looking Resume.

Why Resume structure, layout, and requirements are all different around the Globe?

Foremost, the mentality, cultural traditions, work ethics and market requirements are different from one country to another. In 20+ years of helping clients to secure their first job upon settlement for permanent residency, we found that here, in Canada, you might meet totally different requirements for your position than in your home country. Therefore, your Resume must be constructed with the local approach in mind to catch the attention.

What are Canadian employers looking for?

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