Self-Employed Visa

Self-Employed Immigration Program is a very popular option for individuals with relevant experience in cultural activities or athletics. Self-Employed applicants must have relevant experience within the five-year period immediately preceding the date of application. “Relevant experience” with respect to a self-employed candidate means that for at least two one-year periods out of five years right before the date of application candidates can prove:

  • Self-employment or freelancing in cultural activities or athletics; or
  • Participation, at the world-class level, in cultural activities or athletics.

Examples of occupations:

  • Cultural activities or athletics: athletes, freelance journalists, and web designers, etc.
  • People who work behind the scenes: choreographers, set designers, coaches, and trainers, etc.

Personal financial assets may also be a measure of intent and ability to establish economically in Canada. There is no minimum investment level for a self-employed person. The capital required depends on the nature of the business. Freelancers must have sufficient funds to create an employment opportunity for themselves and maintain themselves and their family members.

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